Bob Woodall Air Care Systems has been serving the Wiregrass since 1967 – over 50 years.
The Early Years

Late 1960s

In the late 1960s, a time when many new homes were being built with central air conditioning, Bob Woodall Sr. saw an opportunity.
He founded his own Dothan-based HVAC sales and service company, Ted & Bob’s, in a partnership with Ted King.


After about a year after the founding of Ted & Bob’s, the men amicably parted ways.
In 1967, Bob founded Woodall’s Sales & Service and became a Lennox dealer. He hired a capable team of employees to help him grow the business, including his wife Frances and his three brothers – Luverne, Leon and Donnell.

Bob Jr.

Bob Sr.’s son, Bob Jr., began working with the family business after school and on summer breaks starting at age 12.
He learned both the technical aspects of the business and saw firsthand the importance of providing outstanding customer service and treating employees well.

The Next Generation


Two of the Woodall brothers gradually left to pursue their own ventures: Donnell with Woodall Heating & Cooling of Enterprise and Luverne with Woodall Total Comfort Systems of Marianna.
When Bob Sr. retired in 1989, Leon and Bob Jr. purchased the elder Woodall’s interest, and Bob Jr. became company president. Then around 2000, Bob Jr. bought out Leon’s share and became sole owner.


Cal Turner joined the company as a business partner in late 2004.
His financial savvy and past experience as president of Summerford Trucking Company has continued the growth of the HVAC enterprise ever since.


Bob Woodall Air Care Systems moved into the old Mayer Electric office building on North Foster Street.
Nearby, a 17,000-square foot warehouse enables construction vehicles to quickly drive up with easy access to parts and supplies. The North Foster Street headquarters also features leased space available to tenants.


Bob Woodall Air Care Systems celebrates 50 great years of service.


BWC Commercial Air logo

Bob Woodall Air Care Systems launches BWC Commercial Air, with Kyle Cox leading the company.
BWC Commercial Air works with Wiregrass area businesses and governments on HVAC projects for new construction & replacements.