Dear Valued Customers:

Over 50 years ago Founder Robert Woodall, Sr., recognized the work ethic and potential in Dwayne Snell as a valued employee to our company.  That vision was accurate as Dwayne Snell went on to establish his own reputable and respected HVAC business in the area.  With that, we are excited to announce the coming together of Snell Service Company, Inc., with Bob Woodall Air Care Systems, Inc.  Additionally, we want to thank Dwayne Snell for this opportunity and trust to take care of you, his valued customer.

Next, Bob Woodall Air Care Systems, Inc., wants to ensure that we will continue to serve all your heating and cooling needs with the same experience, integrity, and professionalism as provided by the team of Snell Heating and Cooling.  We sincerely value you as a customer and look forward to providing all your HVAC needs.

To assist with this transition, Mr. Dwayne, Vickie, and the dedicated employees will join our experienced team.  Bob Woodall Air Care Systems will support your warranty for labor and parts that are currently in existence per the manufacturer’s warranty.  On top of that, if your system was installed within the past 12 months, the labor warranty will be dispatched by us to Mr. Dwayne for him to personally handle.   You may also continue to call the same number, just realize it will now be answered “Thank you for calling Bob Woodall’s, how may we help you”!

It is with great pride we make this announcement.  Bob Woodall Air Care Systems, Inc., is extremely honored and appreciative to Snell Service Company, Inc., Dwayne Snell, and his employees for this opportunity.  We are committed to carrying on the great service, experience, and dedication to satisfaction that they have always provided to you and look forward to your call.


Bob Woodall, President – Bob Woodall Air Care Systems, Inc.

Cal Turner, Vice President – Bob Woodall Air Care Systems, Inc.