Having been raised by a loving family with a good work ethic, I am very blessed that they expected the same in return and held me accountable for my actions and taught me to earn the respect of others.

Every day I try to be optimistic and encouraging to whomever I encounter. While I may have mellowed over the years through experience, I believe that a micro-managing style is not productive, surrendering one’s ego is truly beneficial, and hiring people smarter than you makes for a wise decision. Proud to be a business entrepreneur who was kick-started by successful HVAC parents, I am additionally proud to be blessed to have an incredible partner, Cal Turner, where together we have been able to assemble honorable employees within our business who give of themselves as the Rotarian motto says, “Service Above Self.”

Over the years we have continually expressed to our employees the importance of what they do every day. Our service provides quality of life, comfort to function, and safety for all walks of life. In the early days of heating and cooling systems, many perceived it as a luxury; while in today’s times, it is considered a necessity.

Maintaining level temperatures is vital to one’s health, important for electrical components that are the mainstream of our society, and always overlooked when it comes to supplies such as medicines and food products. Extreme heat conditions or cold temperatures affect everyone; and when the need arises, a quick response time can be just as essential as that of the healthcare industry, emergency responders, or safety providers. Thankfully, our employees recognize and respect the urgency of our customers’ needs and have the desire to serve them. I am extremely proud of our company and blessed to have an incredible team to work with every day.

In addition to being proud of the service we provide to our community, I am also proud of our recent move to the downtown area where we have been able to help restore a historical building and warehouse and bring added life to Foster Street.

As part of our belief in giving back to our community that has been so supportive of our efforts, I am especially proud of the professionals within our organization who give to those in need via homeless groups, the Food Bank, United Way, Harbor Church, Love In Action, local churches, schools, sports teams, the arts, and a sundry of charitable organizations. We are grateful to have employees who share in our belief of helping others and have touched so many lives in Dothan and the Wiregrass area. Also exciting is to see how many businesses within our community who share in this same belief and continually give back.
It makes me proud to buy local, support small businesses, assist the endeavors of our city and county, and play an active role within our chamber of commerce, homebuilders association, and board of realtors. I am proud how our business community plays a vital role within our area.

It fills my heart to see how many old businesses continue to prosper and new business owners take that leap of faith to become successful. Even more exciting is to be a part of a community that supports local businesses and understands the impact it has now and for the next generation.

Our city and community has so much to offer, and I am proud of the job our chamber of commerce does to expound on that and maintain the quality and variety as evidenced by their recent 5-Star Accreditation by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

But while awards for our community are plentiful, the biggest reward is the blessing to be able to live, work, raise a family, and enjoy the area with people who understand hospitality and lending a helping hand. As a businessman, I can think of no greater community to be a part of and serve. I am proud of all that we have accomplished, what we stand for, and where we are going.