Everyone wants to save money! Here are some tips to save on your summer air conditioning bill without sacrificing too much in comfort.

1. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat
A programmable thermostat will easily pay for itself in utility bill savings. And people simply love the convenience!

2. Get a Tune-Up
Your HCAV system needs a tune-up, just like any other mechanical equipment that we rely on. A tune-up will cause your system to run more efficiently thus saving on your utility bill. Another added benefit of a tune-up is catching any mechanical problems before they become costly major issues.

3. Change Your Filter
This goes without saying, but we are all busy and tend to forget this simple but crucial step in keeping our HVAC equipment healthy and running smoothly.

4. Consider Upgrading and Replacing Your System
In the last several years advances in HVAC equipment have been tremendous. If your system is 12+ years old it it time to take a look at replacement. You will save in energy costs and enjoy more comfort with a new Lennox system. We have a system to fit any budget.

Call us today to schedule your tune-up or for us to recommend replacement options.

Keep Cool and Call Bob!